cartridge chamber

cartridge chamber

English-Russian arms dictionary. 2013.

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  • Chamber reamer — A chamber reamer is a specific type of fluted reamer used by gunsmiths and firearms manufacturers to cut the chamber of a handgun, rifle, or shotgun. The chamber reamer is inserted into the bore of a barrel and held stationary while the barrel is …   Wikipedia

  • Chamber — may refer to: Chamber (comics), a Marvel Comics superhero associated with the X Men Chamber (firearms), the portion of the barrel or firing cylinder in which the cartridge is inserted prior to being fired Chambers (law), the rooms used by a… …   Wikipedia

  • chamber — [chām′bər] n. [ME chambre < OFr chambre, cambre < LL camera, a chamber, room (in L, a vault): see CAMERA] 1. a) a room in a house, esp. a bedroom b) a reception room in an official residence 2. [pl.] Brit. a suite of rooms used by one… …   English World dictionary

  • Cartridge (firearms) — From left: .50 BMG, .300 Win Mag, .308 Winchester, 7.62×39mm, 5.56×45mm NATO, .22LR. A cartridge, also called a round, packages the bullet, gunpowder and primer into a single metallic case precisely made to fit the firing chamber of a firearm …   Wikipedia

  • Chamber lock — A chamber lock is a method of securing a firearm against accidental discharge. Chamber locks are used to prevent live ammunition from loading into a firearm by blocking the chamber with a dummy (fake) cartridge. The cartridge is sometimes wedged… …   Wikipedia

  • Chamber (firearms) — File:Colt IMG 6785.jpg Cylinder of a Colt Python, showing the six chambers that hold cartridges when the weapon is loaded. In firearms, the chamber is that portion of the barrel or firing cylinder in which the cartridge is inserted prior to being …   Wikipedia

  • chamber — 1. noun /ˈtʃeɪmbə(ɹ)/ a) A room, especially one used primarily for sleeping; bedroom, sleeping room. Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, b) An enclosed space. For example, a test chamber is typically a closable case… …   Wiktionary

  • chamber — /ˈtʃeɪmbə / (say chaymbuh) noun 1. a room or apartment, usually a private room, and especially a bedroom. 2. a room in a palace or official residence. 3. the meeting hall of a legislative or other assembly. 4. (plural) rooms for the use of judges …  

  • chamber — I. noun Etymology: Middle English chambre, from Anglo French, from Late Latin camera, from Latin, arched roof, from Greek kamara vault Date: 13th century 1. room; especially bedroom 2. a natural or artificial enclosed space or cavity 3. a. a hall …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • cartridge clip — noun a metal frame or container holding cartridges; can be inserted into an automatic gun • Syn: ↑cartridge holder, ↑clip, ↑magazine • Hypernyms: ↑supply chamber • Hyponyms: ↑pincurl clip …   Useful english dictionary

  • cartridge extractor — noun a mechanism in a firearm that pulls an empty shell case out of the chamber and passes it to the ejector • Syn: ↑cartridge remover, ↑extractor • Hypernyms: ↑mechanism • Part Holonyms: ↑gun …   Useful english dictionary

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